How to play with autistic children?


How to play with autistic children? What play skills do autistic children lack?   1. Lack of pretend play skills By the age of 3, most children have developed skills of engaging in symbolic play both alone and with others. They play symbolic toys the way they are designed—playing toy cashier.  Or they may create […]

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8 Spanish Learning Toys for kids


8 Spanish Learning Toys for kids Why is it good for your children to learn Spanish? It is always good for children to learn a second language.  Spanish is the primary language of Spain, Central and South America, and many of the US population also speak Spanish. While Mandarin Chinese is the first most spoken […]

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10 best Math learning toys for Age 5+


10 Best Math Learning Toys for Age 5-8 Starting from age 5, your children are learning addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 1. Sums in Space – An Addition & Subtraction Math Game for Kids Age: 5-7 This is a great educational maths game similar to sum swamp, but this one is more suitable for older […]

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