Stem Toys for girls


What are Stem Toys? STEM stands for Science, Math, Technology and Engineering.  STEM education not ony focuses on these 4 subjects, but also other ares. What are the purposes of STEM toys for kids? Stem toys are for kids to develop skills in science, Math, technology and engineering. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, but […]

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Sensory toys and [autistic children]


How can sensory toys help autistic children? Autistic children have problems processing sensory information.  They usually avoid some stimuli and actively seek others. How can parents help their autistic children? Parents can make use of consistent sensory interventions to help their autistic children.  Using different sensory toys for autistic children is beneficial. This can help […]

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Science Toys for Girls


1. Playz Beauty Salon Arts and Crafts Activity Kit for Girls Suitable for Age 8-12 This science kit can inspire girls who like beauty products.  They can learn about science of perfumes and have fun making different scents. The directions in the instruction books are easy to follow.  Your daughter can spend hours having fun with this […]

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10 Science Toys for Kids


1. Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit Suitable for Age 6+ Older kids can learn more from it.  I recommend this kit because it includes almost everything your child needs to set up some exciting science experiments. The materials and supplies included in this kit are more than enough.  Your child can do […]

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