Stem Toys

Stem Toys for girls

What are Stem Toys? STEM stands for Science, Math, Technology and Engineering.  STEM education not ony focuses on these 4 subjects, but also other ares. What are the purposes of STEM toys for kids? Stem toys are for kids to develop skills in
Science Learning Toys

Science Toys for Girls [Top Picks]

The following is the list of science toys I would recommend for girls. 1. Playz Beauty Salon Arts and Crafts Activity Kit Suitable for Age 8-12 This science toy can inspire girls who like beauty products.  They can learn about science of
Science Learning Toys

10 Best Science Kits [for Kids]

Science kits are important for kids to understand more about the basic science concepts, spark their creativity and train their problem solving skills.  I have carefully chosen the following 10 best science kits for kids. They are educational, fun