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Best Pretend Play Toys [For kids]

Best Pretend Play Toys [For kids]

Best Pretend Play Toys [For kids]

Why is pretend play important for children development?

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What are the best pretend play toys for kids?

Step 2 Play Kitchen, Fisher Price Learn servin’up fun food truck, Melissa dough Play food are the most popular pretend play toys.

I will give you a comprehensive review on all of the best pretend play toys for kids.


1. Fisher-Price Kitchen|Pretend Play Toys

Suitable for 0.5 year old -3 years old

Price: $39.99

Product dimensions: 9 x 12 x 9 inches


Product Features

4 modes of play: Learning, Learning in Spanish, Music and Imagination

Learning mode: Discover all about different foods, shapes, numbers, letters, and more.
Bilingual mode: Learn new phrases (e.g. on /off / open/ close) and hear songs in English and Spanish


I love the interactive features of this toy.  Your kids can have a lot of fun with the refrigerator. They can play with the 3 shapes sorter on the refrigerator door, put the pan on the stove and pretend cooking.

The sound effect is the special feature I like the most.

The faucet makes water running sound when you push the faucet nozzle. When you put the pan on the stove, there is some sizzling sound.  The oven has an open and shut sound.  There is a timer when you put the food in.


1. Interactive features

2. Sound effects simulate the real kitchen setting


1. The size is a bit small.



2. Fisher-Price Food Truck |Pretend Play Toys

Fisher Price Food Truck

Product Features

1. 4 Menu Cards- You can place them in the cash register area to scan them. Souns and songs come out as soon as you insert the cards into the cash register.

2. A good amount of food items. (20+ removable play pieces)                                Fisher Price Food Truck

  -Pizza with 4 slices

  -Stackable hamburger (top and bottom bun with bacon, meat, lettuce, etc)

  -Taco has two options — beef or lettuce and beans

  -3 Smoothies in small, medium, large

  -a plate

  -a spatula 

  -a fork

3. An interactive food prep area, including a sink, light up grill & service bell

4. 125+ songs, sounds, tunes & phrases

5. the shape sorter “recycling” bin in the front

-The smoothie drinks fit in little circle slots and play songs or making different sounds when you insert them

Fisher Price food truck is rated 4.7 on Amazon.  It’s one of the best selling pretend play toys on Amazon.

I think this is the best pretend play for toddlers. There are lots of interactive features which encourage your kids to engage in pretend play. They can take turns being the food truck owner and the customer!

I particularly like the cute sound effects of this food truck. You can push the music button and listen to a lot of learning songs. The number buttons on the cash register has sounds and it beeps. There is open/ closed sign at the top slides. The grill can make ‘sizzling sound’ and light up when you push it. The faucet sounds like running water when you turn it on. There is a bell ring as well.



1. Lots of interactive features

2. Very easy to assemble. (less than 30 mins)

3. Very sturdy for kids to move around


1. The size is a bit small.


3. Melissa Doug Let’s Play House|Pretend Play Toys

Melissa Doug Let's Play HOuse

Suitable for age 3-6

Melissa Doug Let’s Play House is one of the most popular pretend play toys for preschoolers on Amazon. It is the best selling item.

Product Features

Broom is about 25 inches, and mop is about 22 inches.The stand is 29″ tall.  The duster is 14″ long and dustpan brush is 9″.

This pretend play toy allows your kids to pretend to be adults and do some cleaning at home. It can develop their fine motor skills as they can practise sweeping and moping the floor and other cleaning tasks. The items really look like real ones.

You can make use of this play set to encourage your kids to be good helpers at home.  This can help them build up their self-confidence.


1. It is well made of smooth wood no sharp edges.

2. The brushes, mop and dust pan are sturdy. The stand is pretty stable.

3. The size and weight is suitable for young kids.


4. Melissa Doug Play Food|Pretend Play Toys

Melissa Doug Play Food

 Suitable for Ages 3+

Melissa Doug Play Food set is a very popular play food set. There are items from five food groups. It includes watermelon, milk, cheese, fish, eggs, and so on. It is a great set for pretend play.

You can make good use of it to teach your children the concept of healthy food and balanced diet.  Also, you can use it to teach your kids early early number skills, color recognition, sorting, and grouping.


1. It’s made of solid wood instead of plastic.

2. Include so many healthy foods

3. It’s sturdy and safe.


1. Some customers said the paint peels easily. Some said they don’t.

2. They are heavier than plastic. It may damage walls / floors if your children throw them.


5. Kidzlane Doctor Kit|Pretend Play Toys

Play Doctor Kit

Suitable for age 3+

This play doctor kit is the best selling one.

There are 12 pieces of play items. It’s a good play doctor kit to inspire children’s imagination in pretend play.

I especially like the realistic sound effects of the stethoscope.  It gives an authentic real-life heartbeat and coughing sound. The phone has a variety of sounds as well. (even a busy signal)  The air pressure cuff has a gauge that spins when you squeeze the green pump. The Band-Aids are flexible enough , can also be put on an adult wrist. The syringe can be used as if it is full of liquid inside.


1. Well made and sturdy.

2. Easy to clean.


1. The blood pressure pump is hard to pump.


6. Learning Resources Cash Register|Pretend Play Toys

Learning Resources Toy Register

Suitable for age 3-8

Product Dimension: 10-1/2 L x 9-1/2 W x 5-1/2 H inches

Learning Resources Cash register can teach your children early money skills, maths skills and calculation skills.

I like the buttons on this cash register which are large enough for kids’ little hands. It has a set of actual size American notes, toy credit cards and coupons, a built-in scanner. One of the best advantages is that no battery is required and it is run by solar power!   Words on the LCD display are easy to read. When you open the drawer, it has a cute ‘ding’ sound.



7. Make It Up, Glamour Girl Pretend Play Makeup Set for Children |

Pretend Play Toys

Girls Make Up Set-Pretend Play Toys


If you are looking for pretend play toys for your girls, this girls make up set is definitely a good one!

Product features 

Includes 13 total pieces- modern, easy carry cosmetic bag with zipper, quad compartment bright eye shadow, tunning bronzer and blush combo, sparkly pink lip glodd, eye catching foundation with mirror, smooth roll on lip gloss, exclusive glamour girl designer plush application, makeup brush set, lipstick, and 2 nail polishes.

I like this make up set very much as it is made of free colorful eco-friendly EVA foam.  It looks very real.  Also, unlike playing with real makeup set, your daughters won’t make a mess playing with this.

The glitter eye shadow does NOT flake off or fall out. The brushes are soft which won’t hurt your girls’ skin. Both of them are just colored foam type material.



1. It’s safe.

2. It’s value for money.

3. It’s durable.


1. A few of the containers are a little hard for children to open.



8. Step 2 Play Kitchen

Step 2 Play Kitchen

Product Dimensions 12.5 x 35.8 x 41 inches

Suitable for Age 2-6

Amazon Price: $75.99

Product Features

In the box: Step2 kitchen, two storage bins, five toy condiment bottles, two place settings with plates, bowls, cups, forks, knives and spoons, salt & pepper shakers, colander, pot & pan set with lids, two serving spoons, one slotted spoon, one spatula, three coffee pods, one travel Coffee cup with extra lid and sleeve, and one play phone.

The height from floor to counter: Approximately 22″

Play food is not included.

This Step 2 Play kitchen, with Melissa Doug Play Food can be two excellent pretend play toys for the restaurant game.  Your children can take orders over the play phone, use the oven, stove and microwave to cook something they want.

The details on the kitchen are nicely made.


1. It’s easy to set up.

2. It’s very sturdy.



9. Play Circle by Battat – Sweet Treats Ice Cream Parlour

Sweet Treats Ice Cream Parlour -Pretend Play Toys

Suitable for Age 3+

Product Features

  • 4 scoops of ice cream
  • 2 soft ice cream swirls
  • 2 cream toppings
  • 2 sugar cones
  • 2 bottles of sprinkles
  • 2 syrup bottles
  • 1 half banana
  • 1 banana split dish
  • 2 ice cream cups
  • 2 ice cream spoons
  • 1 ice cream scoop
  • Made from recyclable plastic ( PP [5], ABS [7], & PVC [3] )
  • Does not require batteries.

With this pretend play toy set, they have a lot of things to learn.

For example, younger kids can make some ice cream combinations. In this way they can learn to improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills, and understand the concept of cause and effect.

Older kids can pretend play ice cream shop.  They can take turns to be seller and customer.

The food items look really realistic.  There are syrup bottles with pop-open lids, jars of sprinkles that shake and make sounds, and an ice cream scoop with realistic working handle that pops out scoops of toy ice cream.



1. It’s durable and sturdy (made of recyclable plastic)

2. It’s safe.  (free of lead, BPA, and Phthalate)

3. Sizes are perfect for small hands.


1. Hand wash plastic items with gentle dish detergent and warm water. (Not recommended for dishwasher.)



10. Wooden pizza toy for kids Pizza Play Food Set

Pizza Play Food Set-Pretend Play Toys


This pretend toy is really educational and fun.  Your kids can make use of this to pretend play a pizza restaurant.  It comes with toy money which can encourage your kids to learn maths and money concept. Also, it encourage their creativity to be a pizza chef and make pizzas with different toppings.  There is a great variety of ingredients to choose from the menu!

All of the pizza pieces are made of wood, no sharp or rough edges.  They are really well made. The pizza cutter and spatula are made of wood too.

The velcro is of good quality so the toppings won’t fall off.


1.It’s educational with a cash register, toy money.

2. It’s value for money.

3. It’s sturdy and safe, made of wood.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I may receive compensation.  My reviews are based on my personal own experience and research.

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  1. Hey, these toys are looking great. My kid is also small and I am looking for some great play toys. I like this Kidzlane Doctor Kit as I think that my kid will enjoy playing with it. Thanks for this toy collections.

    1. Doctor Kit is fun to play with. The items are realistic with some special sound effects.

  2. I personally think Melissa Doug Let’s Play House is unique and encourages children to learn more house chores and get them to be interested in playing a part in enjoying cleaning the house together for a safe environment!

    1. Yes, Erwin. Kids can learn to do household chores when playing with Melissa Doug Let’s Play. They can develop a sense of confidence and satisfaction through doing this pretend play.

  3. Wow! i have always loved pretend play toys! those recommended here are so creative and educational,especially the ones for housework and the make up kit! I will buy a set of each for my 6 year old girl. I hope she will develop the habit of doing housework through the mini housework kit!

    1. I also like Melissa Doug Let’s Play House. It’s fun and educational. You can make use of it to train your little girl.

  4. The Doctor Kit is realistic and amazing! I would like to have one for my friend’s son who is very interested in role play.

    1. Yes, the play doctor kit is a good toy for pretend play.

  5. This is another list full of great ideas! I too like the Melissa Doug Let’s Play House the most. I see a lot of benefits besides having fun 🙂 why not help to clean the house while playing. Once again, thanks for sharing this awesome and cool toys list.

    1. Melissa Doug Let’s Play House is good for encouraging your kids to do housework and be little helpers at home. I think children will enjoy playing with it.

  6. Wow these toys are excellent. When my kids were small there were similar toys available but they were nowhere near as good and detailed as these. I now have grandchildren, one is 5 and a fussy eater (she only eats bad/unhealthy foods) I have been looking for a way to get her to try some healthy eating options and I think that the Melisa Doug Play Food would be a great asset as it has the important food groups and has many healthy foods in the set. What a great idea!
    Thank You.

    1. Mike, Melisa Doug Play Food is an educational one. You can make use of these play food to tell her some stories about healthy eating. In this way she can understand more about it.

  7. Hi,

    I wished I had such toys as a child. And it’s even too late for my children who are themselves adults now. But surely I’ll note them for my grandchildren. They’ll learn so much from it!

    Thank you for sharing this. It has been one of the best posts I have seen in a long time.

    1. Akoli, you can bookmark this website and come again when you are looking for toys for your grandchildren.

  8. My little twin like the Fisher-Price Food Truck very much. They make the hamburger.
    They have the role play game, one to be the shop keeper and one to be the customer

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