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8 Spanish Learning Toys for kids

8 Spanish Learning Toys for kids

Why is it good for your children to learn Spanish?

It is always good for children to learn a second language.  Spanish is the primary language of Spain, Central and South America, and many of the US population also speak Spanish. While Mandarin Chinese is the first most spoken language in the world, Spanish is the second.  It is also one of sixth official language of the United Nations.  It’s worthwhile teaching your kids Spanish.

The following are 8 Spanish learning toys I would recommend for your kids.


1. eeBoo Spanish Bingo Game

Suitable for 4-6

This set of Spanish learning card games is good for preschoolers to learn Spanish words. The pictures are grouped into categories. The categories include vehicles, animals, colours, clothing and nature. The set includes 48 Spanish words, there is also a pronunciation guide for them.

eeBoo Spanish Bingo Game-Spanish Learning Toys for Kids
eeBoo Spanish Bingo Game for Kids


2. LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book

Suitable for 18 months – 4 years old

This learning toy has 100 age-appropriate words, carefully chosen by learning experts for kids. There are a large variety of categories- activities, pets, clothes, animals,colours, vehicles, food, mealtime, opposites, outside, my body and fruit.  Your kid can learn both English and Spanish words in this book.  When your kid touches the pictures, it plays the related words and sounds.

 LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book, Green-Spanish Learning Toys for Kids
LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book, Green
 LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book, Green
LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book, Green


3. Magnetic Poetry – Kids’ Spanish Kit

suitable for 5+

Choking hazard for children below 3

Kids’ Spanish Kit is another popular Spanish learning toys for kids. The native speakers and language educators helped create the words. On each tile, there is a Spanish word on one side and English translation on the other.  It is a good educational tool if you are a teacher! You can make use of this to ask your students to make different sentences. It’s a fun supplement to the Spanish books and worksheets.

 Magnetic Poetry - Kids' Spanish Kit -Spanish Learning Toys For kids
Magnetic Poetry – Kids’ Spanish Kit



4. Spot It! Spanish

suitable for age 6+

I highly recommend this learning game to practise Spanish words. It can quickly help your kid to recognize different words and build Spanish vocabulary. Players have to find the matching symbol between any two cards. There are lot of different matches. It can be picture to picture, picture to word, and word to word. Beginners and younger kids can also play easily because picture-picture does not require knowledge. This game is never boring because there are 5 variations to play with.

It is a fast paced game. You can finish one round within a few minutes. It is easy to carry, when you go traveling or camping, bring this set along and play it with your children. It’s a good family game, easy to play and instructions are easy to understand. There are 5 different variations. Spot It Junior Animals is good for all age groups. While Spot It is more suitable for children above 7, Spot It! Basic English is the most difficult set. The alphabet, number and shapes are better for younger children (3-5 years old).

Spot it! Spanish-Spanish Learning Toys for Kids
Spot It!


5. Carson-Dellosa Espanol Basico Basic Spanish: Bingo

Help your kid practise basic Spanish vocabulary using this Bingo Game! It contains 50 Spanish words and includes 36 game cards, bingo chips, calling cards and an answer mat.

 Carson-Dellosa Espanol Basico Basic Spanish: Bingo-Spanish Learning Toys for kids
Carson-Dellosa Espanol Basico Basic Spanish: Bingo



6. KLOO’s Learn to Speak Spanish Language Card Games Pack 1 (Decks 1 & 2)

This Spanish card game is a winner of 5 awards. There are 60 cards per deck and you can make over 3 million correct sentences with a deck. Both children and adults can play this game as long as you can read. To get the points, players have to make sentences and learn Spanish words. The longer the sentence you make, the higher the scores you get. As your child play this game, they can gradually familiarise with the rhythm, vocabulary and structure of this language. It a good way to reinforce their Spanish learning. When your child comes up with a new vocabulary, they will try to discover it and learn new words as they play along. After playing a few rounds, your child can be able to make tens of thousands of sentences and learn hundreds of new words. To add variation, you can add some new adjectives to the deck. I highly recommend this card game, as it is proved to be effective by Spanish teachers and it is designed by game experts. The phrase cards are around the themes of “Clothing” and “Eating & Drinking”.


 KLOO's Learn to Speak Spanish Language Card Games Pack 1 (Decks 1 & 2)-Spanish Learning Toys for kids
KLOO’s Learn to Speak Spanish Language Card Games Pack 1 (Decks 1 & 2)


7. Trend Enterprises Verbos Skill Drill Flash Cards

These Spanish verbs flash Cards  are good for self-study.  There are 96 cards to practise common Spanish verbs.

 Trend Enterprises Verbos Skill Drill Flash Cards-Spanish Learning Toys for Kids
Trend Enterprises Verbos Skill Drill Flash Cards


8. Spanish (Flash Kids Flash Cards)

Suitable for 1-3 years

Many parents buy flash cards to teach their children new words. Compared with other sets, this set is quite comprehensible. There are 86 cards. They cover a lot of topics-people, fruit, vegetables, clothes, colours, numbers, things in nature, items in the house, animals and parts of the body. If you buy this set and ‘Listo para la Escuela’, your child should have enough amount of material to study. The cards are sturdy and durable. They are attention grabbing with beautiful pictures.

Spanish (Flash Kids Flash Cards)-Spanish Learning Toys for Kids
Spanish (Flash Kids Flash Cards)

  1. Bilingualism is one of the strongest competency of the 21st century learners. Having learned 2 or more different language aside from the mother tongue fully equips the child in a globalized and international avenues. Even though our country was colonized by Spain, I am not fluent with spanish but I know some few words and phrases since it has been incorporated in our daily lives.

    Your recommendations are great to help kids learn Spanish language at an early age. It is advisable to teach a different language at an early age. I would say that all of your recommendations is a great tool to aid the child in learning Spanish. buen dia!

  2. This is really cool. I have a son and he is turning ten in August. It really feels like time is flying. Felt like it was just yesterday that I was hearing him say his first words. But anyways I thought it would be a great idea for him to pickup a new language as he would be more versatile when he becomes adult and be able to interact with a different culture. He is already fluent in English but I want him to learn Spanish now which is why I am glad I came across your article. This is exactly what I was looking for. I am definitely going to check some of these programs out. Do you have any favorites? Great article, super helpful. Definitely going to share this on my Facebook so others can benefit as well.

    1. Thanks for compliment.  I think learning Spanish and Chinese is quite useful for kids now.  Hope my advice can help you. 

  3. What a great way for kids to learn a second language. Educational and fun! While they are young, it is easier for them to pick up another language. My niece can speak three languages. Now, with these fun ways to learn, I am considering Spanish. Thanks! 🙂

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