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Outdoor water toys for kids [Top 10]

Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I may receive compensation.  My reviews are based on my personal own experience and research.

Are you looking for summer outdoor water toys?  In this article I am going to recommend a list of outdoor water toys for kids and toddlers, and some inflatable water toys for the lake as well.

The following outdoor water toys were carefully chosen and only those which are rated above 4 stars were selected for this comprehensive review.


1. Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table

Best Water Toys-Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table
Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table

Product Dimension: 39 x 24 x 32 inches

This toy is about 14 pounds.



1. It’s very easy to set up.

2. It’s durable.  It’s made of hard plastic.

3. It’s easy to move.

4. It is large enough.  4 kids can play around it at once.

5. Value for money.

6. It comes with a lot of accessories.

-1 large bucket, 2 small buckets, 3 spinners, 3 ramps, 1 cattail scoop,

1 springboard flipper, 1 rubber Duck and 2 squirt toys (frog and fish)

7.  The maze like spinners and ramps are good for kids to learn about cause and effect.



1. Parents have to sit there often to pour the water into the top to make the ‘rain’ come.

2. You will need a power drill to put the screws!! There were no pre-drilled holes for the screws.



1. Self-tapping screws come with a sharp, piercing tip or a flat, blunt tip.  To drill the holes into softer materials, use sharp-tipped screws.

2.  There is a drain plug for draining.

3. Drain water out every time after using.

4. There is a plug right in the center of the table and easy to drain.


Additional information

1. The legs are 13 inches.

2. It’s 11 inches from the bottom of the tub to the ground.

Check the price



2. HITOP Super Soaker Water Gun, 2 Pack Squirt Guns Water Guns for Kids

HITOP Super Soaker Water Gun, 2 Pack Squirt Guns Water Guns for Kids
HITOP Super Soaker Water Gun, 2 Pack Squirt Guns Water Guns

This is the most popular super soaker water gun on Amazon.   Your kids will have a blast playing with it!

The main feature of this super soaker water gun is the huge tank capacity.

Item Measures 16.2” by 8.7”


1.  It’s easy to use. The trigger is easy to pull and it’s easy to refill.

2. There is no leak.

3. No frequent refill is needed.  This water gun has huge tank capacity.  (Hold up to 1000cc water.

4. Water can go quite far. It can shoot up to 35 feet and it sprays a nice and strong stream!

5. It’s durable. It is made of  high-quality ABS Plastic Materials.

6. It can be a nice gift.

7. It’s value for money.


Check the price



3. GoFloats Unicorn Pool Float Party Tube

Summer Water Toys-Infloatable Water Toys

This can be one of the greatest water toys for the lake!  Both adults and kids can enjoy sitting inside.


1. It’s made of premium UV treated raft grade vinyl.  The colour does not fade off easily.

2. Easy to inflate and deflate.

3. It is made of strong material and very well made.

4. Size is big. 45 inches wide and 3 feet tall. Perfect for swimmers of most sizes.



1. There is no pump included, you can inflate it with a standard air mattress pump, a hair dryer (on cool air only) and by mouth.

2. It can hold adults up to 500+ pounds.  OK for kids.


Check the price



4. Intex Water Gun Plane Ride-On

Suitable for age 3+

This is one of the best inflatable water toys for kids.  If your kid is a big fan of planes, I am sure he/ she will like this one.


Special feature 

Your kid can play with the squirt gun while sitting on this water toy.



1. The gun shoots about 6 feet.

2. It’s easy to inflate.

3. It’s value for money.

4. It’s sturdy.

5.  The squirt gun feature is fun.  Water comes from the swimming pool.  You don’t have to refill it all the time.



1. It will take some time to have a balance and sit on it without tipping over.

2. Weight limit: 40kg

Check the price



5. Intex Pool Volleyball Game

Intex Pool Volleyball Game

The dimensions are 94″ x 25″ x 36″ 

The package: About 10″ X 6″

This is one of the most interesting summer water toys. It’s also suitable to play in the lake.  It’s good to play with this in a pool party.

While swimming at the pool / at the beach is boring, this toy can add more fun. Both adults and children can play with this pool volleyball game together.


Product features

1.  The ball it came with was the regular size of a volleyball but it was a beach ball type (very light weight).



1. Easy to inflate.

2. Easy to set up within 5 mins.

3. This is a great value for money.

4. The size is great.

5. It can be a great gift.  (weight: 2.5 lbs)



1.  You need to use the weight bags to keep this thing in place. Otherwise it’ll be out of the pool and across the yard.

2.  Better blow this up with an air compressor.

3.  Deflate the ball a bit if you don’t want it to go too far or being blown around.  You can even add a small amount of pool water in it.

4. To keep the net in place, used rocks in the anchors. Set them on the sides of the pool.  Or use two vinyl bags which can be filled with sand.


Check the price



6. Click N’ Play 18Piece Beach Sand Toy Set, Bucket, Shovels, Rakes, Watering Can, Molds

Click N' Play 18Piece Beach Sand Toy Set

This sand toy set comes with fun and colorful 18 piece beach sand toys.

Set includes: bucket, 2 shovels, 3 rakes, 2 sand sifters, watering can.

Many sand mold; sea horse, turtle, Octopus, sea shell, Duck, starfish, boat, castle.


Click N' Play 18Piece Beach Sand Toy Set

Approximate box Dimensions in inches; 12.5″ X 7″ X 10.5″.


1. It comes with a variety of sand toys.

2. It’s value for money.

3. It’s easy to clean.

4. It’s lightweight and sturdy.

5. It’s made of BPA free material.



1. Size is small for toddlers. The digging tools are tiny.

Check the price


7. L.O.L. Surprise Inflatable River Race Water Slide with Blower

L.O.L. Surprise Inflatable River Race Water Slide

This is another excellent summer water toys for kids!  It can provide hours of fun for your kids. In the summer hot days, you children can play with this with water. On the warmer days, they can play it without water.


Special features

1. It has two slides, so more than 2 kids can play together.

2. There is a splash pool. Kids who can’t swim can enjoy splashing and sliding.

3. There is also a climbing wall for kids to practise fine motor skills.

4.  There is a bucket over the mountain climbing wall.  When they are climbing up,  kids can fill it with water and splash their friends.

Size of this product: 161.00”L x 169.00”W x 103.00”H



1. It’s durable and sturdy.

2. It’s value for money.

3. It is super easy to set up and put away. It comes with stakes and blower.

4. Your kids can play with or without water.

5. Each time 2-4 kids can play at the same time.

6. The size is perfect for kids from 1.5-8 years old.



1.  It takes a very long time to dry it.



1. Not a large amount of water is needed. You don’t have to worry about the water bill.

2. Before putting it away, you must dry it completely.  Otherwise it will get mold! You should have a new big place when you fully dry it. Don’t dry it in the same spot!



fully deflate it —drain out the water —- plug it back in let it dry in the sun (fully blown up)

3. Put this on a soft flat surface.

4. The actual drop from top of slide to the bottom is  6 1/2- 7 feet.




8. GoSports Splash Hoop 360 Floating Pool Basketball Game | Includes Water Basketball Hoop, 2 Balls and Pump

GoSports Splash Hoop 360 Floating Pool Basketball Game
GoSports Splash Hoop 360 Floating Pool Basketball Game

Suitable for Age 4+

Your kids will have fun for hours playing with this Water Basketball Hoop. Only swimming at the beach/ the pool can be boring, but this fun water toy can add endless fun at the beach / the pool.


Main features

1. It can withstand turbulent water without tipping over.

2. It’s made of strong vinyl. It can float very well and can withstand pretty rough play from older kids.


Product features

1 Splash Hoop

2 Water Basketballs

A Ball Pump

The loop is  24 inches.

Size of the balls: approximately 6.7″ in diameter

GoSports Splash Hoop 360 Floating Pool Basketball Game


1. It’s sturdy and durable.

2. It’s easy to assemble.

3. It comes with pump and 2 basketballs.

4. The basketballs are good quality, not just vinyl basketballs and the loop floats very well.



1. Email to Info@PlayGoSports.com if you need a replacement net.




9. Super Soaker Water Gun – 4 Pack Safe Foam Noodles Pump Action Outdoor Water Toy

Super Soaker Water Gun
Super Soaker Water Gun


This is a really fun water toys for both toddlers and kids.  If you are looking for some safe water toys for your kids, this one is definitely a good choice!

The cute design and bright colours make them attractive for kids.



1. It’s durable and sturdy.  It’ s well made, it’s made of foam and plastic.

2. It’s easy to use. Even a 3-year-old kid can use it.

3. It’s lightweight.  Easy to take to the swimming pool, the lake, the beach, the  water park, etc.

4. 4 Children can have fun together.

5. Design is cute.

6. It can float in the pool.

7. You can squirt with this water gun up to 30 ft.




10. iYoYo 23.6 Inch Water Sprinkler Ball Inflatable Spray Ball Toy Beach Ball

iYoYo 23.6 Inch Water Sprinkler Ball Inflatable Spray Ball Toy Beach Ball
iYoYo 23.6 Inch Water Sprinkler Ball Inflatable Spray Ball Toy Beach Ball


Get this beach ball sprinkler for your kids!   Running through the water streams can let your toddlers have endless fun this summer.


1. It’s easy to inflate and deflate.

2. It’s durable.

3. Great value for money.

4. There is an warranty of 3 month hassle-free replacement.

5. It’s safe. (made of high-quality environmentally friendly PVC)

6. A few kids can play with it at the same time.



1. Put some water into the ball to stabilize it.


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  1. wow, you have gotten it all, everything from toddlers to adults, and that’s great, we wont have to go anywhere else to look.
    its great how you have brief information on each of them.
    awsome reviews.

  2. Very cool water toys, My nieces love playing with water, they will definitely like the water gun and the water table. thanks for sharing such informative tips.

  3. Nothing can beat the water guns! Thanks for sharing this list. The floating hoop also looks like a bunch of fun.

  4. I like your thorough review here. It is not easy these days to find safe water toys for children and with all of the dangers the water can bring if not careful, it is much appreciated to have such a in depth review on the proper toys. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love water toys and I use to have many of them when I was young. my favorite was the HITOP Super Soaker Water Gun, 2 Pack Squirt Guns Water Guns for Kids because it had a big tank as you said. I am thinking of getting one for my baby cousin. Thanx for pointing out this water toy and its great features

    1. You are welcome, Thabo. I think Super Soaker Water Gun is really fun to play with. Squirt Water Gun is very convenient. You don’t have to refill it all the time. It can save a lot of time.

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