Learning Toys for Children

Learning toys for children

We give you comprehensive toy reviews of learning toys for kids of every age.

With so many different learning toys in the market, we help you choose the age-appropriate, safe and entertaining toys for your kids.

Tips For Choosing Safe Toys

Before you buy learning toys for your kids, it is very important to make sure that the toys are safe for your children. Every year, there are toys-related injuries around the world.  According to CPSC reports, there were 226,000 toy-related injuries reported in 2018. 

1. You should always avoid toys with edges, sharp points and glass parts. These will cause injuries.

2. Avoid toys with small parts and magnets. Small parts can cause choking hazards.  Some magnets are too small which can be swallowed easily. Swallowing magnets can damage digestive systems. 

3. Avoid toys with toxic materials such as such as BPA, PVC, lead, phthalates, cadmium, chlorine, and arsenic.

4. Avoid toys that shoot objects in the air.  This can injure kids’ eyes and cause choking. 

5. Don’t choose toys which are too loud. They can damage your children’s hearing. You can hold the toy away from you, at about the length of your child’s arm. It is not safe for your children if it is too noisy for you at this distance. 

6. Avoid toys with dangling strands such as strings, ribbons, etc. These can cause choking hazards to young children. 

7. For the stuffed toys, check the eyes, nose, buttons and jewelry carefully.  Are they attached tightly and properly? Make sure that nothing small falls off. Otherwise these small parts may cause choking hazards. And avoid toys made from foam, such as bath blocks.   These are not suitable for children under three years old.  

8. Riding toys, motorized and non-motorized, led to the highest number of toy-related deaths in 2016.  When you buy riding toys, make sure they are sturdy enough.   Some dangerous riding toys can topple. And some motorized riding cars can also overheat.

9. Before you buy riding cars, check the label to see if it meets the CPSC’s toy safety standards.  Also check if the riding car has been recalled on the CPSC website. Furthermore, check the wheels to make sure no small parts cannot be pulled off by children easily. 

10. As for the electronic toys, make sure the batteries work well and don’t overheat. Always make sure that your child can’t open a toy’s battery compartment easily. Plug-in electrical toys should be labelled by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).toy-012

11. Last but not least, choose an age-appropriate toy for your children. Before you buy a toy, read the instructions and warning labels carefully to make sure the toy is just right for your child.  Some toys require adult supervision. 

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