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Popular Board Games for families [Top 10]

Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I may receive compensation.  My reviews are based on my personal own experience and research.

Playing board games can be a good  family activity at weekends and during the holidays.  Below is the list of 10 popular board games for families.

All of these popular board games for families are fun to play.

1. Blokus Strategy Game

Blokus Strategy Game

Suitable for age 7+

For 2-4 Players

Playing time: 30 mins

If you are looking for fun and challenging board game which doesn’t take up too much time, Blokus Strategy Game is one of the best one!


How to play?

Players take turns placing their 21 pieces on the board: each piece must touch another of the same color, but only at the corners! Your strategy is to place as many tiles as you can on the board until there is no space. But you have to block your opponents at the same time. The winner is the one who have the lowest number remaining.

Why I like it?

This strategic game requires certain level of thinking but at the same time, there are no complicated rules.  Your children will familiar with it quickly.



2. Scrabble Game

 Scrabble Game

Suitable for age 8+

2-4 Players


How to play?

Players take turns forming words on the board. After playing your turn, count the value of all the letters in every new word that you formed.

Why I like it?

Scrabble Game is a classical board game which is still a very popular family board game.  It’s a great educational game for both children and adults to build vocabulary.  When you are playing with scrabble game, your children are learning new words from each other.

No matter you are a beginner or an expert in English, you can have a lot of fun.  I like this game as it can always keep your mind active.  And there are many ways to play with it.  You can play it in a team of mixed level players, even beginners may be able to win the game.  Play one-on-one is also possible.

It’s one of the best classical board games.

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3.  PlayMonster 5 Second Rule

PlayMonster 5 Second Rule


Suitable for age 10+

For 3+ players


How to play?

Pick a card, read the seemingly easy topic, then start the timer! Now with only 5 seconds to name 3 things that fit the topic.

Why I like it?

If you are looking for a fun fast paced board game, PlayMonster 5 Second Rule is a great one.  It’s a fast paced game.  At the same time, it’s fun to see the players tongue-tied in 5 seconds.

They cover a wide range of topics so that everyone can play.   Everyone can enjoy the game. It can be a great ice breaker game at the party.

I like that it’s simple, so it doesn’t require too much thinking.



4. Sequence Game

Sequence Game

Suitable for age 7+

 For 2-12 players

How to play?

Play a card from your hand, and place a chip on a corresponding space on the game board. When you have five in a row, it’s a Sequence.

The first player or team to score the required number of five-card sequences wins the game.

Why I like it?

It’s easy to pick up and play, suitable for players of almost all ages.  If you are looking for an easy board game which does not require much thinking, this one is a good choice.

It is suitable for party.   Late comers can also join the game.


However, this game lacks depth.  If you are looking for a challenging game, this one is not for you.  Also, it’s a game of luck more than a game of strategy.  Players who get the card they need first can easily win the game.



5. Czech Games Codenames

Czech Games Codenames

For 2-8 Players

15 minute playing time

Suitable for age 14+

This board game is a good pick for families with teens.

How to play?

To win the game, your team has to guess the identity of “secret agents” (their words) .

There are 2 teams of players, 2 spymaster for each team. On the table are 25 random words.

Spymasters know cards of their own teams. They have to give their teammates one-word clues and help them guess the words on the table. On the other hand, they have to avoid their teammates pick the opposing team’s cards.  Every guesser has to avoid the assassin.

Whichever team can identify all their words is the winner.


Why I like it?

It’s an exciting game with some depth.  If you are looking for a fast-paced team game, this one is a must pick. It’s a very popular party game.  Late comers can still join the game in the middle of the game.  It’s fun that you will realise how different/ similar your friends or families’ way of thinking is.  And It is hilarious to see which connections they make when playing with people from very different backgrounds.

Games very easy to learn and everyone picked it up within minutes. There are 200 double sided clue and word cards so you can play this over and over.

Although this game is not suitable for young children, they can also join in the guessing part add some fun to the game.

By the way, some customers commented this game works best with 4 or 6 players.  Each team has a spymaster and 1-2 guessers.


6. Catan


Suitable for age 10+

3-4 Players

60 minute playing time

Winner of “Game of the Century” award

How to play?

Each player is given two settlements, road and city pieces. Then they have to collect resource cards to build structures (e.g. roads, cities, armies, etc) around the island. Players earn points as they build their resources. The first player who earns 10 points is the winner!

Why I like it?

Catan is an easy game to pick up and learn, but complex and difficult to master.  If you’re a very competitive gamer and like Eurogames, you’ll like Catan.  You’ ll be completely hooked if you are a new board game player.  Catan is a must have board game item at home.

I like Catan more than Monopoly as the playing time is relatively shorter than Monopoly.  When you play Monopoly, you feel like it never ends.   If the game lasts more than an hour, you will probably lose your attention.  But Catan is appropriate.

It can replay for multiple times because there are different scenarios. Players have to adopt a good level of adaptive strategies and always plan ahead.  It’s engaging and challenging that there are a lot of decision making and a bit of suspense.

As a parent, you can team up with your young kids so they can learn buying and selling resources and expansions.

7. Pandemic

Pandemic-best family board game

Suitable for age 8+

For 2-4 Players

60 minute playing time


How to play?

In Pandemic, players work together to prevent 4 diseases from spreading across the world. Each player is given a role, e.g. a scientist, an operation specialist, a researcher, a dispatcher, etc.

Each player has unique ability that they can contribute to the group.  During the game, players can move to different cities, treat diseases, build research stations or share information with other players. The epidemics can spread quickly, so players have to work efficiently.

You can choose the level of difficulty.

It is a cooperative game so all players win or lose together.

Why I like it?

Although the rules are complicated, pandemic is very easy to pick up and learn after a few rounds.

I like Pandemic because it encourages co-operation and communication.  You can know the other players better after the game. Playing as a team can encourage better bonding with other players.

It can be a great gateway game.

The best thing about Pandemic is that you can choose the level of difficulty, so you won’t feel bored after playing several times. And each time you have a different role, so you will have to come up with different strategies to cure the diseases. So this game stays fresh even after several plays.

When you’re trying to cure diseases, there are a lot of challenges.  So it willl definitely keep you excited until the end of the game.

The chance of winning the game is low, you will have a sense of accomplishment if you win the game with your teammates.

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8. Ticket to Ride Europe

Ticket to Ride Europe

Suitable for age 8+

For 2-5 Players

30-60 minutes Playing time


How to play?

Players travel across Europe to score the highest total number of points by claiming routes between two cities, completing Destination Tickets, and competing to claim the longest continuous path of routes across the map!


Why I like it?

The map is colourful and beautiful.

If your kids are above 8 years old, they can learn a lot about geography in Ticket to Ride Europe. This game is easy to play and learn.

You need to take a bit of strategy when you choose which routes you want to complete and how you are going to build them without letting others’ notice it.

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9. Twister

twister-the best family board games for families

Suitable for age 6+
For 2-5 players


How to play it?

The referee spins the spinner and calls out the moves the players have to make.  If you fall on the mat or your hand or knee touches the mat, you lose.  If you are the last one who stand on the mat, you win the game.

the referee spins the wheel and calls out hand or foot and the color that the spinner points to. Each player then attempts to place that part onto an open space for that color.

Why I like it?

Twister is always one of my favourite family board games.  It’s a fun party game and it’s ideal for outdoor play.

Both children and adults can enjoy this game. The Twisters mat is made of heavy duty plastic, both children and adults can stand on it.

It’s hilarious to see other players do funny postures during the game.  Twister will bring you and your family a lot of happy moment.


Some customers commented that the mat is not sturdy enough.

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10. Watch Ya’ Mouth Family Board Game

Watch ya Mouth-the best family board game for families

Suitable for age 8+

For 2-10 players


How to play?

10 players wear a mouth guard and speak out phrases while teammates guess what they are saying. Includes 143 family safe phrases.

Why I like it?

It is one of the top selling family board games.  If you have a family with young kids and you are looking for a hilarious family board game, this one is the best option.

You can have hours of laughter playing with Watch Ya’ Mouth with your family.  It’s hilarious to see your family and friends silly faces when they try to speak some phrases wearing mouthpieces.

It’s a great family game to encourage interaction and create bonding between players.

Be prepared to cry from laughing so hard playing with Watch Ya’ Mouth.

  1. Scrabble! I love scrabble! Even though i don’t have a family of my own, I used to play it with my ESL students in Thailand when I was a teacher there. Scrabble is a wonderful game to play so that kids and students can have a fun a stress-free way of practicing their English. It’s even funny if you have them make up their own words too!

    I am also a huge fan of Catan. I have had many sessions with my friends that lasted hours. I have also almost lost friendships over that game. It is THAT good. Thanks for your post. It’s nice to see someone else who thinks that board games are a great way to teach kids.



  2. Great list of the best board games suitable for families that you have here! I thought we would have most of it already, as it turns out, we only have 3 from your list: Twister, Scrabble, and Blokus. My kids love them all.

    I’m looking at Ticket to Ride Europe, it will be such a fun way to get them to learn the world map, haha.

    I like PlayMonster 5 Second Rule too, simple game, yet totally engaging.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I think Ticket to Ride Europe is good for children to learn world map, I would also recommend this one for children. PlayMonster 5 Second Rule is a fast-paced game, easy to play and a good way to give our brain some exercise.

  3. I enjoyed reading your article on The Best Board Games for Families. There are a lot of fun board games to choose from. My favorite is the Scrabble that I use to play all the time with my sisters, but I have lost it. I think I will get the Scrabble so my sisters and I can play again.
    Warm Regards ~ Margaret

    1. Scrabble is a very popular game for learning English. It’s good for learning English vocabulary. Thanks for your comment, Margaret.

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