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Fun Science Kits for Kids [Top Picks]

There are a lot of fun science kits for kids in the market.  The following is the list of fun science kits I recommend for kids.  They are educational, fun and easy to follow.  They will keep your kids busy for hours and decrease their screen time.


Content Summary

1. Playz Beauty Salon Arts and Crafts Activity Kit

2. Playz Yummy Lip Balm Science Experiments Arts & Craft Kit

3. Playz Cupcake Soap & Bubbles Science Factory

4. Yellow Scope – Foundation Chemistry Kit

5. Creativity for Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium

6. Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kitrafts Activity Kit

7. Playz Edible Candy! Food Science STEM Chemistry Kit

8. Scientific Explorer Crime Catchers Spy Science Kit

9. 4M Crystal Growing Experiment

10. Magic School Bus: Chemistry Lab

11. AmScope 120X-1200X 52-pcs Kids Beginner Microscope STEM Kit


1. Playz Beauty Salon Arts and Crafts Activity Kit

Suitable for Age 8-12

Beauty Salon Fizzy Bath Bombs N Perfumes-Science Toys for girls

This science toy can inspire  kids who like beauty products.  They can learn about science of perfumes and have fun making different scents. The directions in the instruction books are easy to follow.  Your kids can spend hours having fun with this kit.




2. Playz Yummy Lip Balm Science Experiments Arts & Craft Kit

Yummy Lip Balm Science Experiments & Craft Kit-Science Toys for girls

Suitable for Age 8-12

This science learning kit is similar to the Beauty Salon Arts and Crafts activity kit. With this kit, your daughter can learn to make solar lip screen, shimmering balms, fruity lip protectors and other types of crafts.

The kit was easy to use, with clear, kid-friendly instructions.



1. There is only one flavouring: Cherry.

2. You can only make red, orange and yellow lip balm.

3. It’s a bit overpriced.





3. Playz Cupcake Soap & Bubbles Science Factory

Suitable for Age 8-12

Image result for Playz Cupcake Soap-Science Toys f

Your kids will have a lot of fun with this science kit, learning how to make cupcake soaps, foamy butter cream, macaroons and other soapy decorations.

Directions are easy to follow and the end products are cute.

It also comes with everything you need.


4. Yellow Scope – Foundation Chemistry Kit

Suitable for Age 8-12 

If you want your kids to learn a few fundamental science concepts, such as chemical reactions, the effect of temperature and molecular motion, this is a good science learning toy for girls.

It has won a Parents’ Choice Gold Award, a Dr. Toy Best Educational Toys Award, and was 2016 Finalist for Toy of the Year.

The lab notebook includes  procedures of19+ experiments, fun facts, quizzes and colourful pages for presenting the results of the experiments.



5. Creativity for Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium

Suitable for 6+

Creativity for Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium- Science Toys for Girls

This is a very popular fun science kit for kids on Amazon!  If you want your kids to learn the cycle of plants, this kit is a good one! Your kid will have a lot of fun seeing the seeds grow into sprouts with a few days.

This fun science kit includes plastic mason-style jar, decorative lid, river stones, organic chia, potting mix, and decorative sand,wheat grass seeds, garden figurines and a plant mister to keep your terrarium watered.

Your kids can learn two full plant life cycles with this kit.  There are some stickers to decorate the terrarium which makes plant growing so much fun!

There are dark stickers for the terrarium that can glow at night as well.  Or your kids can use other dark stickers they buy from other places.

It takes about 3 weeks for different plants to pop up.  Don’t worry if there is not enough sunlight in your room or your home, you can use indoor LED as well.

The instructions are easy to follow.  It takes about 15 minutes to set up all the things.

It’s good for your kids to develop a sense of responsibility through taking care of their plants.  This terrarium is a fun way to teach kids about botany, eco-systems and the life cycle of plants.

Creativity for Kids Grow 'n Glow Terrarium-Science Toys for girls


1. To make the dark stickers glow at night, you have to use a flashlight or shine bright light. Shine it for about 30-60 seconds and then shut off all the lights.

2. Don’t over water the plant, otherwise it will mold. Water it once a day or once every other day.

6. Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

Suitable for Age 6+

Mind Blowing Science

Mind Blowing Science is really interesting for kids.  I recommend it because it includes almost everything your child needs to set up some exciting science experiments.  Older kids can learn more from it.

The materials and supplies included in this kit are more than enough.  Your child can do experiments for multiple times.

Don’t worry if you are not good at science. There are step-by-step instructions for each experiment and the detailed science guide included.  The science guide will help you answer questions about what’s happening in each experiment.  It also explains related concepts of the experiments and gives background information related to each chemical reaction.

Check the price now

What can your kids learn from this kit?

Each experiment takes approx 15 minutes.

Your kids will learn about basic and acidic solutions. For example, create a sunset in a test tube, grow colourful, shiny crystals, create a colour-changing volcano, create colour changing liquids, etc.


7. Playz Edible Candy! Food Science STEM Chemistry Kit


Suitable for 8-12 years old


Edible Candy Food Science Chemistry Kit


A lot of children love eating candies. This is one of the most fun science kits.

Even girls who are not into science love this science learning kit.   Your daughter can learn to make chewy jelly candies, crystal rock candy, chocolates, lollipops, test for sugar, see how everything dissolves, and much more through science experiments.

It includes more than 40 experiments. The lab guide includes 56 page activities.


A lot of supplies are not included in this kit.


The booklet and recipes are not really easy to follow for a child. Adult supervision is needed.


8. Scientific Explorer Crime Catchers Spy Science Kit

Suitable for 7-11 years old

Crime Catchers Spy Science Kit

Crime Catchers Spy Science Kit is a really fun activity for kids to solve a mystery using forensic science.  Your child will learn chromatography, observation, DNA extraction, some basic chemistry with citric acid, measuring, fingerprinting, testing for acid/base, etc.

It has two different mysteries and each one will take about 1 – 1.5 hours. There are some supplementary activities as well. You may guide your kids to do part of them and let them do most of it by themselves. Your kids can spend 2 afternoons to explore the two cases.

It has some supplemental activities for kids to try as well.  They needed some help/guidance, but did most of it on their own.

There are enough materials to solve each mystery once.



If you want to reuse the kit you would have to buy some supplies but most can be easily found in your local grocery store (baking soda, flour, citric acid, coffee filter paper). You have to get Ph strips in science stores.

You will also need fresh fruit and or veggies. It is not included.


9. 4M Crystal Growing Experiment

4M Crystal Growing Experiment

Suitable for Age 10+

I highly recommend this science learning kit, your child can grow cystals while learning science at the same time. This can be a good science kit for girls.

How long does it take to set up?

It takes about 45 min to set up including boiling some water and letting it cool.

How many days does it take for crystals to grow?

Once set up is complete it takes up to 7days for crystals to grow.


How many crystals can you make?

Each bag of crystal mixture can either make 1 large one, 2 medium sized one, or 4 small ones. The kit allows you to grow 1 large crystal, 2 medium crystals, and 4 small crystals at the same time.

Check the price now


1. Before you add the seeding crystals, you MUST wait 30 mins for the contents  to settle when you transfer the liquid. After you sprinkle them on, don’t stir or bump the container, let it sit for about a week before your crystals are fully grown.

2. If they get dusty do not put under water! The crystal will wash away.

10. Magic School Bus: Chemistry Lab

Suitable for Age 5-9


The science learning kit has 51 colourful experiment cards.

There are lots of different kinds of experiments ranging from acids and bases. For example, ice sticking to ice, string sticking to ice, ph acid tests, volcano, copper plating, making your own volcano and density related experiments.

It includes lot of supplies.

Check the price now



1. You will also need to prepare these kitchen ingredients.

Vinegar, baking soda, water, salt, lemon juice, cola, liquid dish soap, piece of bread, disposable bowls, yeast, sugar, pieces of banana, vegetable oil, peppercorn, pancake syrup, rubbing alcohol, raisins, egg, chicken bones, milk, food coloring, etc.



11. AmScope 120X-1200X 52-pcs Kids Beginner Microscope STEM Kit

Image result for AmScope 120X-1200X 52-pcs

This is a great beginner microscope.

Your children will be able to see individual cells, and even nuclei. It allows you see to see things with clarity and magnification.

It is an easy to carry case for kids.

This microscope produces a reasonable level of clarity and magnification. Children will be able to see individual cells, and even nuclei. Yes, it can be a little bit hard to focus at times since there is no fine adjustment, only coarse, and yes, your field of view does move a bit while adjusting it.

At this price, it is good enough for kids to enter the world of microscopy.

But again, this is a $40 microscope made for kids. This is more than good enough to introduce your child (or even adults) to the world of microscopy.

The kit is great, and will give the user plenty of things to do with the microscope. A few prepared slides, and tools to make some simple slides of your own are included, along with the brine shrimp kit.


Start with the smallest magnification (300), then try using the higher magnifications once you have found your sample and focused on it.

Try to view in the centre of the aperture.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I may receive compensation.  My reviews are based on my personal own experience and research.

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  1. I remember when I was a kid, I never have more than 1 doll as a gift. Most of my relatives, including my parents, gave me toy cars and reading materials. A lot of them. So, throughout my childhood, I could say I was exposed to reading and writing materials, as well as strategy games, resulting into what I am today. A businesswoman. 

    Concerning the post, I have this thought, “I could give this to my nieces and nephews instead of stupid gadgets.” I took notes of your suggestions in the post. Hence, I commend your effort of compiling these toys for girls, with an educational intent, not just for the sake of pleasure of playing them. Kudos.

    1. Thanks for your comments.  Toys can affect children a lot.  Hence, selecting appropriate toys for kids is important. As a lady, I used to play toy guns and cars as well, not only dolls.  I only had 1 doll when I was a child.  Hope my suggestions can help your nieces and nephews. 

  2. This is a great list that girls will surely love. It’s fun and educational at the same time. We cannot blame our kids from being exposed in beauty and makeup because we all know how powerful social media is. It’s also hard to deny the influence of people around that is wearing make up products. We just have to introduce it in a fun and but educational way.

    Your recommendations are delightful even for parents. Knowing that makeup and beauty products can be incorporated with science is exciting. It will help the child to appreciate her skills, talents and most of all the fruit of hard work and labor.

    Candies, terrarium, crystals and science kits are another great options for kids with different interest. Your wide range of options will surely help parents, close relatives and friends to find a perfect gift for the kids. thank you for sharing this. It’s fun to know how toys are getting better and so much enjoyable!

    1. Thank you MissusB, I hope my list can help those who are finding gifts for children, as well as parents who are looking for toys. Toys have become much more enjoyable and educational these days! Children are lucky now. Incorporating beauty products, make up with science can greatly arouse children’s interests!

  3. My girl is just about to reach this age bracket and has developed a real interest in science-related topics, so the Mind-Blowing Science and Crystal-making options really do appeal, great stuff.

    1. Hope you can find some interesting toys for her.

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