Learning Toys for Children

Math Learning Toys for kids [Age 5-8]

Math Learning Toys for kids [Age 5-8]

Starting from age 5, your children are learning addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Math learning toys can help kids [Age 5-8] learn Maths in a fun, interactive way.  The following are some of the popular and engaging best kindergarten math toys which help kids learn these maths concepts. Most of them are math board games for age 5-8 year olds.

I hope this review can make it easier for you to choose the best Math Learning Toys for kids [Age 5-8].

1. Sum Swamp Game |Math Learning Toys for Children

Sum Swamp Game -best kindergarten math toys

Age 5+ (2-4 players)

This is one of the best math learning toys for kids (age 5-8). It includes a gameboard, 2 number dice, a Math symbol dice and 4 swamp creature game pieces. Rather than doing boring worksheets, it can help your children practise addition and subtraction skills through game. As your children play this game, they can develop fluency in addition and subtraction and learn the concept of odd and even numbers as well.

It only last for 10 to 20 minutes maximum. It’s ideal for siblings and small groups of children at parties.

To make the game more challenging for your kids, you can buy a higher number dice and make the equations more slightly more difficult.

2. Sums in Space – An Addition & Subtraction Math Learning Game for Kids

Sums in Space-Addition and Subtraction Math Game

Maths Learning Toys Sums in Space


Suitable for Age 5+

This is one of the best math toys for 5  years old or above. Sums in space is similar to sum swamp, but Sums in Space is more suitable for older children because it is more challenging and the trip around the board takes longer.

Moreover, there is a cooperative play version.  Kids can work together to get all their astronauts back to the ship before time runs out and the ship blasts off. This version is good for helping kids to learn to co-operate with each other to achieve a common goal.

It is a game for 2 -4 players. It can boost your kids’ addition and subtraction (0-9) skills, as well as concepts of odds and evens. Your kid has to learn to identify whether numbers are greater or less than 10 in black hole spaces.

Your kids can play against each other or that they can play cooperatively. It is a great learning toy for homeschoolers and school teachers.

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3. Small World Toys Preschool – They Keep Multiplying Math Keyboard

Multiplying Math Keyboard-Math Learning Toys for kids [Age 5-8]

Suitable for Age 3+

This multiplication math keyboard is easy to carry, lightweight and durable. Your child can use it to practise their multiplication tables anywhere they want. Your kid just press the keys, and then they can know the answers of the multiplication. This keyboard works better than a boring multiplication table.

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4. CLOUD HOPPER Addition Subtraction STEM game – Alien chase adventure – Aligned to Singapore math

Suitable for Age 5+

Math Learning Toys-Cloud Hoppers-best kindergarten math toys

This math learning toy is fantastic and easy to play for children of age 5 or above. This is particularly suitable for grade 1-3 or up. Your kid can practise 2 digit number addition and subtraction.

The set contains a 10 faced math dice. In this addition and subtraction board game, aliens are looking for magical Cyta flower. Kids have to find the flower as they jump through clouds, lightning and beat other aliens.

This board game theme is about spaceships, aliens, planets and adventures, your kid will love it a lot.

I bought this to play with my nieces, they love it very much. They had a lot of fun making up names for their aliens and finding out the name of the green plants on the aliens’ planet.

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5. Learning Resources Pop For Addition & Subtraction Math Game

Suitable for grade 1+, Suitable for Age 6+

Learning Resources Pop For Addition & Subtraction Math Game

This is a fun, engaging addition and subtraction maths learning game for kids. It is a fast paced game, so it is a good way to help kids reinforce their math skills. There are 90 math-fact cards (1–10), 10 POP cards, spinner. There are 2 levels of play. Your kids can practise basic addition and subtraction. An easy to play game. However, 2 or more players are needed in this game.

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6. Gamenote Addition & Subtraction Wooden Magnetic Fishing Game 

Gamenote Addition & Subtraction Wooden Magnetic Fishing Game-best kindergarten math toys

Suitable for Age 3-8

This is a super fun addition subtraction game! This fun fishing game can help your kids reinforce their addition and subtraction skills.  What’s more they can practise hand eye coordination while playing with the game.

There are 110 different problems within 20, a lot for your kids to practise! It can also be a great teaching tool for teachers.

This learning math toy is made of natural wood with non-toxic environmentally friendly paint.  It is well made and safe for children.

The fish size about 1.8×1inch. So it can hold all fish. The fishing pool diameter is up to 18inch. It comes with 110 fish (5 colours). They look cute and appealing to kids.

I think this game can provide your kids with hours of fun.


7. Race To Infinity| Math Learning Toys for kids

Race To Infinity

Suitable for Age 6+

This set of game is a bit more complicated than Cloud Hopper. But there are different levels of the games. Level 1- addition and subtraction. Level 2 – multiplication and division.

If your kid is a math-haters, this game can motivate him / her to practise maths skills in an engaging way. All players can be part of the game at their own skill level.

Apart from playing with doing the maths, players have to decide where to move your counter to on each turn, take risks using Luck Cards to exchange for more tokens and more chances to roll again.

The game not only trains maths skills, but also train your kid analytical skills, decision making skills and creative thinking skills.

8. Learning Resources I Sea 10! Game, Addition and Subtraction

Suitable for Age 6+

Learning Resources I Sea 10! Game, Addition and Subtraction,

I love playing this math game with my students. It includes 100 cards. It’s so flexible that it can meet different learners’ needs.

For the more able students, they can play “I Sea _____” using at least 3 numbers.

For less able students, they can play ‘I Sea___’ using 2 numbers or change it into ‘I Sea 7/8/9 ‘.

Also, you can play this math learning toy in a lot of different ways. If your kids are more advanced, you can change it to ‘I Sea 20’ or change it to multiplication.

And there are 10 shark cards. Whenever the player flips one of those shark cards, he / she has to give all cards back and start over! Your kids must have a lot of fun teasing each other about this shark attack.

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9. Learning Resources Pizza Fraction Fun Game|Math Learning Toys for kids

Maths Learning TOys for kids-Learning Resources Pizza Fraction Fun Game

Suitable for Age 6+

This math learning toy contains 13 wonderful looking segmented pizzas for your child to learn fractions in a fun way! Your kid can learn fraction, addition and subtraction, identify fractions and match fraction equivalents.

To add challenge to the game, you can make use of the 7 different game rules, and different spinning boards or even make up your own game. If your child is a Maths hater, I am sure that this toy can motivate her/ him to learn fractions in an easy way!



10. Best Math Learning Toy for kids| Learning Resources Money Bags Coin Value Game

Maths Learning Toys Learning Resources Money Bags Coin Value Game

Age: 7+ (2 – 4 players)

Counting money games are good way of teaching kids about money. This counting coins game is a winner of 5 awards. It makes concept of counting money easier to learn!

This math game is easy to play. There is a wheel that you spin that if you land on 5,10, or 25, your kids can’t use these types of coins. This forces your kid to find other ways to build a certain amount of money.

It is a great math game for children to learn the concept of change. There are trade up counters, where your kid has to change up his / her coins to dollar bills.

You can also make use of the money to play ‘store’ at home with your kid. It’s more fun to learn concept of money in creative play.

I strongly recommend this math learning toy because it simulates real life, where your kids can grasp the money concept in an interesting way!

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11. Melon Rind Clumsy Thief – Adding to 100 Game |Math Learning Toys for kids

Maths Learning Toys-Clumsy Thief

Age: 7+

This math learning game can help your kids practise addition. This game is a winner of 7 awards. (Academics’ Choice Award, Parents’ Choice Award, Dr. Toy’s Best Picks, Creative Child Magazine Award, Major Fun Award, National Parenting Seal of Approval, Tillywig Toy Award)

It is an entertaining family game which you can play with your kids for about 15-20 minutes. What makes this card game exciting is that thief cards can steal piles and jail cards can steal piles with thieves on them. As this game is fast paced, it is good for your kid can to drill their addition skills. You will definitely have a lot of fun with your kid!

Melon Rind Clumsy Thief Junior – Adding to 10 Game is a junior version of this game. This is suitable for 5 years old children.

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12. Edupress Math Noodlers Game, Grades 2-3 (EP62350)

Edupress Math Noodlers Game is a fun math game. It has a colourful board.  There is a good mix of easy and challenging questions on a lot of math topics.  For example, writing the answer (e.g., stacking numbers), drawing, manipulatives, or choosing among MC answers.

Edupress Math Noodlers Game, Grades 2-3 (EP62350)
Edupress Math Noodlers Game, Grades 2-3 (EP62350)

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13. Learning Resources Head Full Of Numbers |Math Learning Toys for kids

Head full of numbers

Suitable for Age 7+

This is a fun math game for children to practice adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and fractions!

Head full of numbers is a math game which can accommodate players of different levels.   You can vary the game for different settings. The more the number of players, the more the children can learn from each other.

If your kids are early maths learners, you can use less dice to limit the type of equations or play the game without the sand timer so that your kids can have more time to solve the equations.

Make use of this fun maths learning toys to encourage your children to do more maths!

Final Thought

If you are looking for best math learning toys for kids to practise addition and subtraction, Sums in Space, Sums Swamp Game, Learning Resources Pop For Addition & Subtraction Math Game, Learning Resources I Sea 10! Game and Gamenote Magnetic Fishing Game are good choices.

If you prefer advanced math learning toys to help your kids with multiplication and division as well, Learning Resources Head Full Of Numbers, Race to Infinity and Edupress Math Noodlers Game are awesome.

Learning Resources Money Bags Coin Value Game is a perfect game to teach kids concept of counting money. Learning Resources Pizza Fraction Fun Game is a game focus on learning fraction.

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  1. Being a math major myself, I can definitely see the benefits of teaching this necessary knowledge to children at an early age. Very helpful information!

  2. It’s hard to pick one. I think Cloud Hopper might be a perfect choice. Learning math or any other skill through games, cartoons, and other fun activities will bring much faster results compared to traditional ways of learning. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Kuructy,
    I love the layout and images of your post. I could have used these programs/games for my three children, and myself as well when I was a child. Great work, Your enthusiam as a teacher shows well. Great Post.

    1. Thanks for your compliment!

  4. Lol, I remembered the multiplying keyboard. I didn’t know it still exists! It was a great time for me as a kid to learn my multiplication.

    I would look at the problem, do it in my head, and then press to see if I did or guessed it correctly.

    I don’t have any more young kids now but my baby niece is only 10 months. I’ll keep your website in mind.

    I have friends with young kids too. They might find your website a place to visit.

    1. Thanks for recommending my website to your friends Kelyee. Thanks for your comments! These Math toys are quite interesting to play with.

      1. I wish the pizza fractions game was around when I was at school, being dyslexic this would have been really handy for me. I would have learnt a lot quicker with these sorts of visual aids than sums written on a piece of paper. I may get this for my niece when she starts fractions.

        1. I like the pizza fractions game as well. It’s really fun to learn fraction with this toy.

  5. WOW I love these math games!!!! The pizza fraction one is so awesome. I wish I would have known about these sooner. I would have got them for my girls when they were younger. Math is way more fun now than it was when I was a kid.

  6. Pizza Fraction is a definitely fun game. Kids can learn fraction in a fun and relaxing way!
    Thanks for your comment.

  7. These are all so great! Any tips for games that a 3 and 5-year-old could play together? They are both pretty good with there numbers!

  8. I believe that children must love this game. It’s educational and interesting. Children can practice adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing in a fun way. Many students are tired of repetitive Maths exercises. This game allows better interaction between parents and children. It is also colourful and user-friendly. I would recommend this game to my friends and children.

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