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VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk [A Complete Review]

VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk [A Complete Review]

VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Review


VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk



Touch & Learn Activity Desk is a three-in-one desk with interactive activity cards for kids to explore. The Touch and learn activity desk deluxe is an interactive desk which includes 5 activity pages that are filled with engaging content.
There are expansion packs (each sold separately) that include a wide curriculum.  There is a LED display which children can learn letter and number stroke order and how to draw basic shapes. It can be transformed from a desk into an easel and chalkboard with storage space for art supplies to encourage creativity play.

Other Features:

  • Interactive desktop with 4 additional activity pages
  • Expansion packs available (26 additional activities and 180 interactive touch points) that each focus on a specific curriculum
  • Transforms from a desk into an easel and chalkboard
  • 100+ vocabulary words, 20+ activities and 20+ songs and melodies
  • LED display illustrates letters, numbers and shapes
  • A toy telephone and music player
  • Progress Button reports on child’s progress
  • Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)

Expansion Pack Titles Include:

-Nursery Rhymes (Ages: 2-4).

-Numbers and Shapes (Ages: 2-4).

-Animals, Bugs and Critters (Ages: 2-4).

-Get Ready for Preschool (Ages: 2-4).

-When I Grow Up (Ages: 3-5).

-Get Ready to Read (Ages: 3-5).

-Get Ready for Kindergarten (Ages: 3-5).

-Making Math Easy (Ages: 3-5).

Age Range

Suitable for 3 years old – 6 years old children


  • Helps early colour and number recognition
  • Encourages concentration and attention
  • Learn words and develop reading skills


  • An interactive and educational learning toy
  • Offers 9 interactive pages and more than 30 learning activties
  • Can keep children’s attention for a long period of time
  • Children can create their art masterpiece on the chalkboard


  • Activity pads slide out easily
  • Chair is not sturdy (There are no locks to keep the table up when using the desk as chalkboard)
  • Too sensitive board

Helpful reminder

1. Remind kids not to lean on or touch the desk.  Ask them to touch only ONE spot at a time. Otherwise, the board goes nuts.

2. You can use some Gorilla super glue to affix the legs of the table more permanently.

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